Path of Exile: Two Outstanding Heist Buildings

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Heist is the latest league in Path of Exile, which includes a brand new endgame for players to move on. Although these bandits sometimes cross-country, they provide a lot of POE Currency for those who bravely face downed bodyguards.

Some of the most popular starter versions of the league in Path of Exile involve damage caused over time. The Poison Rain Pathfinder is a good example. Although this version relies heavily on flasks for defense, this version makes up for it with amazing clarity speed and incredibly high damage. Pathfinder’s poison proliferation and flask uptime make Toxic Rain a top league, whether it's the start of the league or clearing the Tier 16 Delirious map (as long as the player has top equipment).

Facts have proved that for most "Path of Exile" content, the golden level of league starters, "essence loss" and "infectious disease" are an unstoppable combination. The player throws an essence drawing ball, and then performs a contagious cast, spreading the essence drawing effect to all nearby targets. This caused a wave of poison to spread among the hordes of enemies.

In order to improve survivability and damage, Trickster is the best advantage you can choose. ED contagious crooks hardly need equipment, although it is prepared to spend dozens of Exalts to build this version to deal with Awakener eight Sirus or Delirious Tier 16 Maps.

The steel skill has undergone an overhaul in the Heist League and now uses piercing and enemy weapons as ammunition. Although this sounds clumsy, in practice, it works well when combined with piercing opportunities and the brand new "Call of Steel" skill.

No character can be as deadly as a champion takes off. Navigate the tree to get as many lives as possible, without thorn effects and damage. Using the hero's taunt and piercing effects, this character is also short and fat and good at clearing content. Split steel is best for clearing, while spear steel is best for single-target DPS. Buy POE Currency is also a good choice.